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Nicole Poindexter's Fundraiser

Support the Food Empowerment Project!

FEP promotes food security and equity + animal and human welfare in food industries.

$95 towards $400

This is my birthday request for donations to support this wonderful non-profit organisation. The Food Empowerment Project works hard to draw attention to important food industry issues both local and global.

Whether or not you can donate, please sign the petition in the first link :).

Some of their current campaigns:

-Pushing against Safeway's blocking of other grocery outlets from moving into neighbourhoods they leave (yes, they do this)

-Promoting equitable access to healthy food in Vallejo, CA.

-Drawing attention to animal suffering, water waste, and workers' rights on Sonoma County dairy farms

-Drawing attention to environmental racism and the impact of the fast food industry on workers, animals, and the environment

-Campaigning for an end to slavery in the chocolate industry


-Drawing attention to conditions for workers on factory farms and in slaughterhouses

-Drawing attention to animal welfare on farms